Rapid global compliance roll out for Tesco

Sponge delivered a leap in compliance training for thousands of staff

First-person interactive video onboarding with Toyota

Interactive, video-based training by Sponge for over 20,000 staff

Developing leaders at Royal Mail

Operational managers at Royal Mail are turning challenging conversations into positive ones by seeing the consequences of real scenarios using interactive video. Royal Mail is the UK’s leading delivery business. The company is undergoing a culture change, as it modernises to meet emerging customer needs. Around 6,500 operational managers deal with employees day-to-day. But they […]

Preparing students for university using gamification

The University of Greenwich in London is one of the UK’s leading innovators in supporting young people from all backgrounds to make a successful transition from school into higher education. It’s not always an easy path, as students adjust to university life. Without good preparation, some individuals may drop out. Greenwich wanted to provide young […]

Communicating with confidence across an international UN workforce

The goal of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe and the potential of every young person is fulfilled. With 3,000 staff working in 150 countries, it’s a challenge to ensure everyone is communicating the organisation’s aims and impact consistently. With mounting […]

Immersive learning for charity fundraisers with mobile VR

Street fundraising is an important source of revenue for many of our best-loved charities, but stopping people in the street can be a controversial way to raise money. Public trust in street fundraising in the UK was damaged after poor practices were highlighted nationally. Regulators are clamping down on bad behaviour and the charity sector […]

Inspiring confidence in cancer care with The Royal Marsden School

One in three people in the UK will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime but there are many myths surrounding the disease. The Royal Marsden School in London has an international reputation for excellence in cancer education. It wanted to demystify cancer care for non-specialist health professionals and support workers in the community […]