Compliance eLearning for Aviva – Managing Legal & Reputational Risk

Compliance elearning created by Skillcast for Aviva – the UK’s largest insurer – to help the company manage legal and reputational risk.

Mortgage Sales Training

Simulation based sales training from Day One – upskilling staff & ensuring compliance

Faster Inductions

Day One helped reduce staff attrition & cut after-call work time…

ASB Bank Bespoke Elearning

eLearning for financial advisors at a major bank in New Zealand, created by Kineo

Simulation Training for the Largest UK Retail Bank

Day One’s system simulation training for staff at the largest UK bank, supporting 25 million customers

Credit Suisse delivers immersive product knowledge to their Sales Units for a new banking service

Immersive finance product knowledge training, created by Kineo